Friday, June 3, 2011

beach weekend

Well, we are officially packing up and leaving our little beach paradise today.

But truth be told, our real home is just a short jaunt to the sea. Maybe we'll have another sun kissed beach day over this warm weekend.


  1. Hey Mia,

    Thanks very much for your comment! That is so cool that your friend has designed some of Nicki Minaj's dresses. If you know which ones he designed, let me know and I'll try replicating one.

    - Jamie

  2. I don't remember the last time I went to the's been so long..bonfires are great! :) btw i love your vintage looking photos~!

  3. nice chill beach pictures, sigh, if only I live near a beach haha

  4. Beautiful. I'm counting down the days until JULY...when it's time for my beach vacay. Sigh. :)

  5. Mia, your photos are gorgeous works of art. they inspire me to do something more interesting with my lens :)

  6. Oh Miss Strawberry Blondie, you are so sweet.



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