Friday, April 10, 2009

by any other name

I always skip the first page of a sketchbook because of all the pressure. Instead of staring at that blank and beautiful first chance to create a masterpiece, I turn to the second and just create. So it is when I come to naming things. There are beautiful names, books of them. Mothers and fathers pour over the options. There are titles in the passing phrases of writers who've put words together more eloquently than... 

So, I've waited until now to create a blog because I always got stuck at the part where I had to create a name. Without a second page to skip to, I just left the first one blank for a long long time. After all this, I have finally decided to name this blog for an association with which I have long been acquainted, The Board of Lucys. There are many of us, my mom and dad and brother of course. There's also most of my father's side of the family including those relatives that remain in Italy. While we are many, we are not commonly known. Only once in a great while does one of us receive a letter addressed to "So & So (insert first name here) from The Board of Lucys."


  1. The first page is well-sketched and better named! Cheers

  2. i do that with all my journals for my poems...i always keep the first and last page open.



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