Monday, December 5, 2011

artful weekend

Our weekend started off with a creative bang at Oak Grove's High School Showcase. It was amazing! I always stress before these events and worry and fret about every little thing. And then I see the art up on the walls, classrooms transformed into galleries, and my fears melt. My students never cease to impress me. Some of their work is pictured above.

Saturday, rather than recovering and reflecting on Friday's Showcase, Ian and I woke up with the sun and printed new shirts and scarves and hoodies for the Handmade Holiday Bazaar. Above is a photo of one of the designs in progress, being cut from rubylith for our old fashioned, hand pulled, screen print process. The new stuff's for sale, of course, in our Little City Etsy shop.

The Bazaar was great fun and we got to spend the day with other talented local artisans. I hope to show off some of their works on The Board in the days leading up to Christmas.

How did you spend the weekend? Was there art? Or holiday shopping? Maybe both?

P.S. There's a Little City coupon just for you lovely readers. Use code THE BOARD at checkout to receive 15% off your entire purchase. Happy shopping!

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