Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pig flew over the moon

...and the story blew up like a balloon.

As the news of the swine flu broke last weekend, Ian and I were on another planet. Planet Langham of the Luxury star system, in the galaxy of Lavish. The New York Times is delivered on this planet. It's actually one of the last places in the universe where delivery of printed news still exists. That's how we found out about the fear of pandemic on Earth.

Planet Langham, on the other hand, was quiet and serene. Creatures roaming there were healthy, relaxed and well fed. The sun shone on flowers and cocktails, and had it not been for that paper and the TV broadcasting Earth stories, we might never have known there was anything wrong at all. At least not until we checked out that afternoon and flew home on the 101 North in our Mercedes spaceship.


  1. Oh my god! It's hell here! Go back! Well, San Diego is pretty nice.

  2. Oh, I wish we could go back. Especially today since it's Saturday. But, actually, Ventura isn't so bad. Not bad at all.



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