Friday, April 17, 2009

Ooooh, I just love a tea party!

While I am usually a coffee drinker, I do very much like tea, and really, coffee party just doesn't sound as fun. And then there are those large scale and famous tea parties like that one they threw in Boston several years back, though I heard the tea left much to be desired (far too salty).

I was so surprised to hear about the huge tea party held on Wednesday. No one thought to invite me and it in fact wasn't even until yesterday that I heard about this nationwide event. There were giant tea parties in every state they say, even one right here in Ventura. These parties sound from the news reports to have been very exciting, almost Wonderlandesque, with people described as "mad" and carrying signs that make no sense like "We are Obummed Out" and "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" and "Our granddaughter is not born yet. But she is already broke." How can an unborn child be broke? None of the babies I know have much cash at all. Had I known this was going on, and had I not been working, I might have attended one of these tea parties. I would have even brought my own sign, something like "More Earl Gray! With Cream and Sugar!"

Well, it's sounds like a wild event and I'm sorry to have missed the spectacle. I really didn't even notice that anything out of the ordinary was going on Wednesday. I was far too busy working and then rushing to file my tax extension.

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  1. I think the purpose and historical significance was lost on the local fountains filled with crappy Lipton tea packets. If I were in charge I would have demanded better quality in a protest of this magnitude.



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