Wednesday, June 10, 2009

getting ready for a Haute Summer

I am so excited for our upcoming Haute Summer event. Some local ladies of Etsy and I are having a soiree to kick off the summer and show of our styles. These gals are so talented. I feel honored that Little City Designs will be amongst them for this fashionable fiesta (and that I got to design our promo pieces above).

Lindsay Miller is one of the designers that will be showcasing her work. you might remember my post about her party dresses. She has been sewing away to get ready for Saturday, upcycling unique and often vintage pieces to make one-of-a-kind wearable treasures. She is also the owner and operator of  Sassy Sally's which is a haven for indie designers all over California.

There will be some wonderful jewelry designers at our event too. Melissa and Joan of Live Vibrant create vintage inspired, beaded necklaces that are so full of color and fun. Kristin of KD Designs uses all kinds of unique materials for her jeweled pieces from pink jade to Yak bones. And I just love the resin jewels by Heather of Ascending Peculiarity. They have tiny illustrations and little bits of nature inside.

If that weren't enough, we will be joined by the lovely Shannon of Supernatural Flowers.   She makes amazing hair clips with flowers and feathers. I have a beautiful piece of hers that I wear ALL the time and I'm hoping to treat myself to a giant magnolia on Saturday.

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