Monday, June 29, 2009

animated poems and French crabs

I love visiting my brother. Besides being just plain awesome, he always has amazing new things to share with me from books he's read to movies he's seen and so on and on. He showed me this beautiful animation based on the Bukowski poem "The Man With the Beautiful Eyes."

Then I showed him an animation that I have long loved about sad little crabs. I first saw it at a Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival.


  1. thank you for sharing those delightful shorts. I never knew of either. And I have not heard THAT Bukowski poem before.

  2. It's such a beautiful piece isn't it. The visuals go so perfectly with the words. I haven't stopped thinking about it since Jabe showed it to me.

  3. Bravo. Thanks for much for share these two shorts! I loved the cuts between the two boat drivers in the crab short. Classic. The colors in the Bukowski were amazing. There were so many points in that short where single frames stood on their own as beautiful moments.



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