Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blushing Pear Pie

raspberry pear filling 3 by Mia
What makes the pears in this pie blush? It must be the raspberries. These two fruits have fallen in love with one another beneath a lattice crust.

raspberry pear duo by Mia

raw crust duo by Mia
I was very nervous about weaving the doughy pastry strips, but Ian had full confidence in me. He thinks this might be his new favorite.

raspberry pear pie by Mia

sliced raspberry pear pie by Mia

Oh, and did I mention I've signed up for my very first pie contest? Being a novice, I'm sure to be outmatched. But I am excited anyway. I'll be asking for your input on which of my pies look like contest winners. Too bad I can't have you all be taste testers too.



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