Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain and Wild Horses (forget the galoshes)

Cloud and rainbow
It's raining again. Time to put on my rainy day shoes.

I hear the storm could continue through Saturday. But rain and wild horses can't keep us from going to the big show for Fashion Week Ventura. Our newest designs will be on the runway. So excited!

What about you? Have you got any exciting weekend plans?

{image from the Northampton Museum's photostream}


  1. oh my - these shoes...just heaven!!

    weekend includes brothers and sisters joing bday parteee! just loving your blog!! gorgeous! x

  2. that's so exciting about fashion week!!

    those shoes...i need something like that in my life....

    have a nice weekend


  3. Not as exciting as yours! Wow!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting + commenting on my blog- it's really makes my day to hear from new readers!

    It's snowing here, which means I'm wearing my same old boots, which I'm terribly bored of :-/ You have exciting weekend plans! Mine will be a lot of time spent catching up with friends + a superbowl party :)

  5. What a fantastic image! Love it!

    Hope you having a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi



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