Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pink cutie

pink bug

pink bug 2
What a lil' cutie! I spotted this dream machine in the Moorpark College parking lot and just couldn't help myself... had to snap a few.


  1. Aww, lil' pink bugs are so rare. I drive a lime green one myself. ;-)

  2. Gorgeous. Our family car when I was growing up was a tangerine coloured one of these - oh how i loved it.

  3. Oh my geez. My friends and I hace this game, it's called "pass bao". Bao means turtle in our native language so when we see VW Beetle, we would hit each other's heads with our right hand then do the salute thingy. lol I miss them so much. Thanks for posting these pictures. :)

  4. Goodness Louiceee! That sounds dangerous. I hope you didn't hurt each other.

  5. lol. Don't woory, we didn't. My friends and I would laugh at each other's surprised faces. :))

  6. Love it! Don't see enough of these guys around anymore. :(



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