Thursday, July 8, 2010

missin' our kitchen

Now that our kitchen floor is (pretty much) finished, we can start to put everything back in it's place. I've been looking around for some inspiration as we redecorate and reorganize...

We have a little breakfast nook that I can't wait to refurnish.

I think this is actually a garage, but what a great look for any room in the house.

The details are my favorite part. I may even have to buy this sweet bread box that I found here.

I adore that old stove. I'd love to have some dreamy and unusual color like that on an antique appliance.

The tile & curtain combo above sort of reminds me of our new bathroom colors.

And someday, we will have our very own Le Cruset pot to place atop the stove.

{I hope I get all these photo credits right. If you notice a mistake I've made, please don't hesitate to let me know... 1) with the lovely green chairs; 2) a perfect breakfast nook; 3) checkerboard floor ; 4) red room; 5) green room; 6) sweet lil' bread box; 7) bunt pan walls & 8) minty stove; 9) vintage utensils; 10) blue tile with yellow curtains; 11) dreamy table & lantern lighting; 12) hanging pots; 13) citrus, tulips & Le Cruset; 14) our future cookware.


  1. Eeeep! This makes me want to buy a house, like now!

  2. I love the hints of turquoise!

  3. I'm in love with the first pic!
    Today there's an amazing contest on my blog! For all creatives people!

  4. Love the inspiration collection. Especially the first picture with the cool colors, fun green chairs and open shelving. Good luck putting everything together!

  5. I love the bundt cake pans. So sweet.

  6. such lovely ideas. i am sure you will do wonderful in putting your kitchen together, congratulations by the way.




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