Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Hanuka 2009

It's the 8th and last night of Hanuka.

Happy Hanuka!


Hopefully, no matter what your faith, you've had the chance to party with a yamuka and some latkes.


Hanuka - 7th candle

I lit the candles with my parents on the first night, but haven't had a chance to since...

Hanuka candles


... so I'm living vicariously through these found photos of other peoples' holidays.

Second candle - Hanuka

Hanuka 1

last hanuka night

Hangulatos Hanuka

4th day of hanuka

In the window for all to see... this is how it's properly done.



This last one is my all time favorite. It wins first place minorah for it's creativity and ingenuity. Happy holiday friends.

{here we go with the credits... wish me luck... 1) crooked candle 2) seriously silver 3) party is spelled H-A-N-U-K-A 4) HanuKittty 5) rusted rainbow 6) choo choo minorah 7) Champs Elysées 8) full frontal 9) warm glowy close-up 10) with fake flowers 11) so long as it's fried in oil 12) how it's done 13) in a tent near Hebron 14) GI JEW}

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  1. even tho i'm not jewish, i've always loved taking part in hanukah with my jewish friends! i didn't get to partake in any festivities this year, but am thoroughly enjoying these photos...something about menorahs just makes me smile :)



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