Thursday, December 9, 2010

while the Olympus is in the shop...

I had to take my digital SLR in for repairs yesterday. It got busted at school and was unusable. What a helpless feeling to hand it over and be told I might not see it again for maybe 4 weeks! It looks like I'll be relying on my purdy red point-and-shoot and my old analog Pentax for a while.

{The photo is of me with my Old old Pentax... the one my uncle gave me when I was 14 that was stolen while Ian and I were honeymooning in Costa Rica. I love that darned camera more than I love some people.}


  1. is that the K1000??? that was my very first SLR! i still have it to this very day :) i think i may have also gotten it when i was 14. judging by that picture i feel like we would have been great friends in high school.

  2. so glad i found your fabulous blog so i could be your latest follower:) this picture is crazy cool-don't you just love cameras? i'm still using my little point and shoot, and hope to one day upgrade for a SLR:)!



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