Tuesday, May 19, 2009

as the dust settles

Now that my grades for CSUN have been posted (there were some really great student sites this semester) I have a little breathing room and can finally tell you about this weekend's activities.

oh, the races!

The bike races were so amazing. I couldn't stop talking about how much fun I had. Sunday was especially fantastic because I got to be a course marshal. I helped to make sure that cars and bikes steered clear of one another on the open course and that the cyclists turned right at the intersection. I wore a reflective vest and a straw sunhat and felt very official.

While Saturday in Ventura was much gloomier than the Sunday event in Ojai, Chris Jensen got some wonderful action shots (including the photos above) and Ian and I had an adventure...

adventure at the corner cafe

After cheering from a curbside at the bottom of a hill for a few races, we decided to find a spot where we could watch the riders climb. The patio at Bernadette's was the perfect spot to spectate and refresh. Ian went inside to order drinks and I found a table with a view. It wasn't Ian that came out to join me though—it was Bernadette. She already knew my first name, even though we'd never been introduced, and she told me she was in a pinch. Her server hadn't shown up and she needed to run her daughter to a play date. With that, she handed over the keys to the cafe and was off. So Ian was behind the counter filling in, and while he tended bar I took photos of us in the mirror.


  1. hola. i was checking out the students sites from this past semester. looking pretty good. especially that guy Yribe towards the bottom that did a photography site! great slide show style. on the page where you have all the links to the student sites... is that pic at the top (for the banner) the challenger shuttle exploding?? bold choice...

    hope you have a pic of you in that vest and straw hat ensemble (spelling?). hahaha

  2. Sadly no, I have not photo of me in my vest and hat. But Ian said that he couldn't get the song Smooth Criminal out if his head after I arrived on the scene.

    And yes, that is the Challenger as it appeared in our local paper after the explosion. I love the way it looked scanned and thought this terrifying event could be seen as a beautiful piece of abstract art if taken out of context. No one's ever recognized it before. Good eye.

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  4. Mia is the hottest photographer in the world.



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