Wednesday, May 6, 2009

and many more...

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, flip flops, perfect Levi's and a tiny cactus Ian walks through the back door, home made chocolate birthday cake breakfast and a shiney new banjo Juno and Arianne as the sun is setting, surprise sushi dinner with good friends, black petticoat and 'Tropic of Cancer' May 6, 1986, turning 6, loving pink hearts on my golden birthday, the Ventura board walk, a shell necklace from mom, a magic wand from Jabe paper doll art opening, white dress and bare feet, aimless flirting with a crush Afternoon driving on Vinyard Ave. with my big brother and no plans, avocados from a roadside fruit stand, cooking dinner together, just the 4 of us BRUNCH WITH THE MOTHERS ON JOANNAFINA'S PATIO, MARIACHIS AND ROSES ALL AROUND happy hour with new friends, tgif until the wee hours of Saturday, nursing a hangover with strawberries and kettle corn on a sunny beach with you paper crown, my name in glitter, the birthday belle of the preschool playground BLUE HAWAII GOWN, A GIANT SUNFLOWER FROM MISS BRAVERMAN, BLOOD ORANGE TIRAMISU BY TANYA B, A PERFECT SNAPSHOT Las Vegas turning 20, lemonade instead of margaritas, photographing photographers, a cape cod in the casino—Andy's treat 30 minutes until 29 years, coming home from work, Ian asleep in melting ice cream, french vanilla kisses


  1. Those are some pretty rad Birthday memories, I am glad to be a part of some and can't wait to give you a lifetime more. Thanks for being so special and I hope all your wildest dreams come true.

  2. Well, thank you for always being around on my B day. Good thing we're on a lifetime plan to always be around for each other's birthdays.

  3. You guys are cute. There I said it. Happy Birthday Mia!



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