Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh, Canada

vancouver chinese garden11 by Mia
Did I mention that while up north we made a run for the border and found ourselves in Vancouver, BC.

vancouver chinese garden12 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden7 by Mia
We were there for 2 nights and 3 days and most of our photos from that time were taken in the Chinese Garden. Such a lovely place.

vancouver chinese garden10 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden9 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden2 by Mia
I loved these ladies in their hats and couldn't help but watch them.

vancouver chinese garden8 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden4 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden5 by Mia

vancouver chinese garden by Mia

vancouver chinese garden3 by Mia
Ian felt the textures of leaves...

chinese garden in vancouver13 by Mia

chinese garden in vancouver15 by Mia
... and I did a bit of bird watching.

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  1. these gardens look so pretty!! and thanks for the comment on my blog. Lisa Mitchells album comes out today, its called wonder. it should be available on itunes from today. other wise she has 2 eps which are also good.

    x Liss



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