Tuesday, July 21, 2009

vintage weekend

Santa Monica, Venice & Hollywood Forever
Hollywood Forever cemetery by Mia
Our mission for Saturday was to go to the
Cinespia screening of "Bride of Frankenstein" in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. If you haven't been to a summer movie here, you simply must go. It's wonderful. Bring a picnic (maybe a sandwich and cannolis from Bay Cities Italian Deli) and a bottle of wine and enjoy the sultry late night.

We decided to head south early and have a day of LA before the show.

After a long, hot drive down Highway 1, we needed to eat. We stopped at Chez Jay for some food, drink and history, but the kitchen was closed. So we had a pint and moved on.
Ian and Mao's by Mia
And then we spotted it...
Mao's Kitchen. Our friends, Sara & Kelly, introduced us to this wonderful place, but we never though we'd find it again.
Moa's dumplings by Mia

dumpling and chopsticks by Mia

orange ginger chicken by Mia
May I suggest the shrimp and spinach dumplings and the orange ginger chicken with a glass of home brewed ginger ale. Yum and yum.
hot pepper by Mia
I dared Ian to eat one of these, but he wouldn't do it.
fortunes by Mia

Mia at Moa's by Ian

Mia at Moa's 2 by Ian
Full and fortunate, we headed out into the heat. We made a few stops on Abbot Kinney, my favorites being
Madley & Surfing Cowboys. We were having so much fun that I forgot to take any more photos.

Sunny Sunday in Santa Barbara
On Sundays the Santa Barbara Museum of Art is free. So it was the perfect day to go see the Bret Weston photo exhibit. It's a must see for photography lovers.
vintage signs by Mia
Then to my favorite Antique Mall of SB...
coca cola by Mia

vintage chairs by Mia

cowboy Ian by Mia

Ian with vintage violin by Mia
... where Ian tried out cowboy hats and violins...
Mia and jewels self portrait
and I admired the costume jewels.


  1. That's a fabulous shot of some truly, madly, deeply glamorous costume jewelry. Oh, how I adore costume jewelry! Well done.


  2. Ooooh that shrimp and spinach dumpling sounds so amazing, and the anything with orange and ginger in it can't be a bad thing!

  3. Lovely pictures (the food and man aren't too bad either :)



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