Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cracked Custard Pie

cracked custard pie (rotated)
So sorry for my long silence. I've given myself slaps on the wrist for not being a better blogger. My excuse is distraction... between my mother being ill and the holidays and what not I just haven't been focused on The Board. At any rate, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and I can't wait to hear what presents you all gave and got.

Above is a photo of my Christmas Eve pie, named 'Cracked Custard' for obvious reasons. This was the first sweet potato pie I've eaten warm and it was quite delicious, especially when shared with good company.


  1. I enjoyed this pie very much...

  2. Oh, I am so glad. I love hearing that.

  3. Ok first of all i hope your mum gets better i really do =- ) ( i love mums)
    second am hungry that pie look great!
    third am mental about Early Grey tea i love it i drink like 4 cup per day don't know why but i do! love the post love the blog! hope mum getts better!

  4. I love it when people post random little photos like this...
    I hope your mum gets better soon!
    The etsy stuff is lovely!
    Tomorrow x

  5. Yum that just sounds delish!

    Thanks for leaving some blog love in the Land of Lemonade! :)


  6. That pie looks delish! Sweet potato pie is one of my favs - my Mom makes a mean pie! Thank you for stopping by GirlWhimsy and I hope you had a whimtastical Christmas! Here's to a glorious new year!

  7. glad for a peep out of you :)
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Mmm I'm likin' the look of that pie, the Lindt and the earl grey, I'll just drop by for some okay....

    Hope your mom is okay, have a beautiful New Year!
    xxx DJ



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