Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Fantastic Mrs. Fox

Rarely am I jealous of a cartoon's dress. But, oh boy, that dress that Felicity Fox wears in
Fantastic Mr. Fox is fantastically adorable. I just saw the stop motion film again last night and it was just as fantastic the second time 'round. If you haven't seen it yet you simple must.

{image is from a promo poster for the film}


  1. such a cute dress! i'm dying to see the fantastic mr. fox! maybe this weekend...
    i'm so glad i discovered your blog! happy new year! xoxo, giovanna

  2. i so want to see that movie, i saw it was playing at the $3 theater in ventura. we saw where the wild things are tonight, i liked it very much...

  3. this movie was so unbelievable cute. I had been searching for the perfect 3/4 shift dress and a fox found it first!



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