Monday, December 7, 2009

13 Umbrellas & 2 Reflections

It's the first big rain of the season. I'm enjoying the sound of the roof runoff and wishing I knew where my umbrella was.

Pink Umbrellas


La chica del paraguas rojo / The girl of red umbrella

Man in glasses waits at the station with umbrella; Shibuya, Tokyo

Busted by a Wet Nun with an Umbrella

Umbrella HBW

pink umbrella


Umbrella Girls..

In The Pink, Under The Umbrella by Catherine Jamieson (2) Pink Umbrellas by outside the camp (3) Umbrella by Math (4) La Chica del Paraguas Rojo by inmacor (5) Man in Glasses Waits at the Station with Umbrella by Alfie | Japanorama (6) Busted by a Wet Nun with an Umbrella by deepstoat (7) Umbrella HBW by Davey S (8) Pink Umbrella by pawpaw67 (9) Sprinklers by pawpaw67 (10) Umbrella Girls... by .becky


  1. oh...such fun pictures of umbrellas and the rain...they remind me of my daily life here in portland :)

  2. this is a beautiful collection of photos! i especially love the first one, it is so mysterious to me.



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