Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I love this old photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his sweetheart, Coretta Scott King. Behind those charming smiles and stylish facades, they were such hard workers with enormous hearts. Hope you all enjoy the holiday.

{image from 1964, found in the Wikimedia Commons}


  1. Happy MLK day indeed! Lovely blog ~ :)

  2. Coretta Scott King is one of my favorite ladies from that time. She was quite an amazing woman.

  3. They were so stylish! Great vintage pic..Coretta Scott was rockin' with that hair and pearls and Dr.King looking classy as always.

  4. I did, and it's nice be reminded that Dr. King was, more than anything else, a man. A loving husband, a devoted father, and a caregiver for his church. Thanks for this photo.



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