Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Precious Presents

Present by Mia
Now that all the holiday gifts are finally opened I can share with you some of the highlights.

Cuff Links by Mia
Among the best given were a perfect vintage shirt for my brother, with white glass snaps and just the right amount of sparkle. Another of my favorites were these owl face cuff links with crystal eyes, given to my sweetheart.

Dorothy Parker by Mia
And as for me... I was absolutely spoiled with new treasures. Some of the most loved were these books of Dorothy Parker's poetry. They're so beautiful.

And you? Now that you've had some time to reflect, were there any standout treasures that you gave or got?

{Cuff links by Cosmic Firefly. Photos by me, Mia Bortolussi.}


  1. Time off from work to bake, be merry and spend with friends and family was by far my most treasured. But for my birthday (not too far after xmas), I was gifted quite a few handy gadgets that have set me up, ready to take on 2010 in true techie style!

  2. Oh my, I wish I was a man so that I could wear those owl cufflinks! But I suppose I can- girls can wear cufflinks, no?

  3. Ha ha! I was just thinking about how I'd look in a French cuff shirt with some bejeweled links. Funny that you were wondering the same thing.



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