Sunday, August 16, 2009

all's fair

lil' ferris wheel by Mia
We went to the Ventura County Fair on opening day.
carrousel by Mia

Officer Ian by Mia
I gazed at the painted ponies and Ian tried on a new profession.
As the sun went down and the lights went on, we made our way to the motor sports...
demo derby car by Mia
... and cheered for our favorite demo derby drivers.
car in lights by Mia

star by Mia
Then, of course, it was down the midway. Oooh, I just love a nighttime midway, with it's bright bulbs and musical screams.
stars by Mia

photo by Mia

light up ferris wheel by Mia


  1. Where in tarnation are people brave enough to go to a fair in AUGUST??? Hopefully waay up north. Lovely blog, btw.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! The fair offers so many lovely shots.

  3. What a fabulous photographer you are! I love this series of fair photos.


  4. Ha ha. Our fair is always in August which is one the the hottest months here. But that just means the thermometer rises to the 80s. Ventura is a little beach town and our fairgrounds are seaside.

    Thanks for the compliments lovelies!

  5. this looks like fun!



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