Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oooh, I just love a parade

Clown & Cactus by Mia
The fair came to town and with it the annual Ventura County Fair parade.

Ian and I sat among the cactus to watch—the same place I used to watch the parade from when I was a kid. It was once the front yard of my dad's dental office. Now it's the stoop of our home.

American Clown by Mia

Clown Car by Mia
We watched the clowns...

Shriner Shoes by Mia
... and admired the shoes of the Shriners.

John Deer by Mia

Little Boy in the Parade by Mia
There were tractors and cowgirl hats... and, of course...

Buena Drummers by Mia

Big Drums by Mia

Buena Horns by Mia
... marching bands. Oooh, I just love marching bands.

Mia Loves Pie by Ian
In between parade floats, I read my pie book. I'm planning on baking a summer pie tomorrow, maybe strawberry raspberry mint or blackberry silk. I also read an interesting recipe for a champagne grape pie, but what I bake will depend on my farmers' market finds. Any pie suggestions?

{the parade photos are by me, Mia B., and the photo of me is by my hubby, Ian C.}


  1. I love the pic of the marching band! A strawberry raspberry mint pie sounds fantastic.

  2. haha...the pie book must be a good one!
    Love parades, but I'm scared of clowns somehow... childhood trauma I guess! Have a wonderful summer dear~

  3. I agree with Lenorenevermore! Parades are fantastic but clowns are a tad scary. On the other hand, baking and pie are absolutely supreme!
    Your outfit is so wonderfully summery! I love your sunglasses and I'd kill for curly hair like yours!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too! I really appreciate it!

  4. Mia I missed the parade to go to the gym! What a mistake. An accidental excursion to a seniors aerobics class instead of the glory of marching bands and tiny cars on parade. Thanks for posting some photos so I could see what I missed.



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