Thursday, August 13, 2009

pepperoni jalapeño with a side of Galaga

Giovanni's Pizza Parlor by Mia
I have a new favorite pizza parlor... Giovanni's in Carpenteria. Today was my first time there. Ian and I devoured a mighty tasty pepperoni jalapeño pie.

Giovanni's Arcade by Mia
Even better than the pizza was the arcade, fully equipped with race car games and pinball.

Ian Playing Galaga by Mia
And as if good pizza and a stellar arcade weren't already enough... this place has all you can play, free Galaga. Awesome.


  1. ah...we just had Fillippi's tonight..heaven

  2. There was a Giovanni's in Isla Vista when I lived there. Honey White played there like 3 times. One time we even went on late because of a Lakers-Kings game on TV; we woulda been stomped if we turned it off...

  3. Aww man is 10:30 am too early for pizza?? :)

  4. That is most certainly an awesome place! Great find.



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