Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If I had it to do over... and over... and over...

Sometimes I think I'd like to get married to Mr. C again and again, each time we'd be in a new location and I'd wear a different dress. I would get married 3 times over just to wear each of these lovely frocks by the Portland based designer sarahseven.

I am enamored with her creations and wish that I had an occasion glamorous enough to wear one. They are classic yet whimsical, modern with a touch of silver screen drama. Check out more saraseven designs in her Etsy shop.

{all photos were taken from the saraseven Etsy shop}


  1. Beautiful! I could get married in either of the top dresses, so so pretty! Have a sweet day! x

  2. I love these dresses! they're like vintage, couture, yet modern all in one. gorgeous! thanks for the great post, i'll have to check out her website...

  3. Lovely dresses and beautiful photos!
    My best wishes
    magdalena/Color Sepia

  4. I love this idea: getting married over + over + over again to wear all of your fantasy wedding dresses! How fabulous.


  5. holy gorgeous dress!!! now i would wear the HELL out of that!

  6. wonderful choices, maybe every year you can remarry him on your wedding day. Carla x

  7. I'd have to agree.....dresses like that might actually be able to convince me to tie the knot...more than once : )
    nice pics!! how did you know about her?

  8. I fell in love with her dresses on Etsy some time back and have been admiring her work ever since.



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