Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will & Beck... irresistibly irrelevant

Oh the things that you can do with a RadioShack tape recorder. From what I gather, that is what Beck uses to record his conversations with people on Irrelevant Topics. His chat with Will Ferrell had me laughing out loud today.

That Mr. Hansen is so prolific and I love that he is using his website,, to share his creations. Besides Irrelevent Topics and the Record Club (which I already admitted my love for in a previous post), he's responsible for Planned Obsolescence where he creates and posts a new mix every week. I love the title and tune of this one called Sapphire Metallic And Silicone For Michael Jackson.

No. 9: Sapphire Metallic And Silicone For Michael Jackson by planned_obsolescence

{photo found at}


  1. Beck is simply brilliant. "Sea Change" is arguably my favorite album.

  2. His new Record Club is sooo sweet. i gave in an bought the Velvet Undergound shirt that he put out a few weeks ago.

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty head over heels for the Record Club.



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