Monday, September 21, 2009

Love is a Chocolate Strawberry Pie

Two of the edibles I love most in this world are chocolate and strawberries. I really love them. I would marry them if it was legal in the state of California.* So it's only natural that I would fall in love with a pie that includes both these things. This might be my most extravagant creation yet with a graham cracker crust, chocolate cream cheese filling, fresh strawberries and dark chocolate drizzles. It tasted as fancy as it looked. Mmmm. Yummm.

*I love being married to my husband far more than I could ever love a marriage to chocolate OR strawberries.


  1. I'm drooling now, thank you. GORGEOUS photos, too!!!!

  2. And Em's all "I could eat that!"

  3. oh my! why must you place these beautiful pies in front of me when i cannot eat their deliciousness!


  4. it looks delicious! i have to this pie a try! thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness! Wow! That looks amazing!

  6. so maybe it is illegal to marry it...
    but could I at least make out with it???



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