Thursday, September 3, 2009

midnight pluot pie

Named for the hour when we ate it, this pie was made from farmer fresh pluots.

fresh pluots by Mia

Here it is half baked and ready for it's oatmeal walnut crumb topping.

slice of pluot pie by Mia
Hours later it has fully baked, cooled and set. This slice disappeared soon after it was photographed along with at least one other. Yum.


  1. Oh my, it looks amazing! We do late night baking as well :)

  2. ACK! I'm soo hungry now, and I can't really have baked goods as I'm a celiac, and now I'm gonna go eat an insane amount of cold cereal with sugar! Looks delicious, I mean. :-)

  3. oh wow. just last night i told my husband i was craving a pie just like this one.... hm.... time for some baking ourselves!



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