Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out to Breakfast

I do so love going out to breakfast when Mr. C and I can find the time. We have a favorite spot, Cafe Nouveau. It's just down the street from our lil' Ventura bungalow and we can sit on the patio and eat waffles and mimosas.

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot? Is it near to your home or far and what do you always eat when you go?


  1. it's wonderful what you're doing with the proceeds from sales for Japans effort lades. cheers to you!

    the photos of Mr. C & the blooms are lovely/handsome! it is great to have a fave stomping spot, we have an around the corner kinda place too. love eggs benny!!! ♥

  2. I love brunch but haven't found a great place near me yet, so I always end up making it myself :)
    Lovely photos!

  3. We have a great place around here in Placerville called Sweetie Pies. I agree with you Mia. A Sunday morning breakfast out at a favorite place is sheer heaven. Nice picture of Mr. C also. I love your blog and always enjoy your pictures. Nice job Mia!

  4. Next time we come to visit we'll have to try Sweetie Pies. I love the name. Thanks for your compliments!

  5. We love making homemade breakfast burritos! Otherwise, when we visit VA Beach, we love to drink mimosas out of mason jars and eat crazy omelettes at Charlie's Cafe!

  6. Yum and yum. Someday, when we finally make it to Virginia Beach to visit Mr. C's fam we'll have to look for Charlie's.



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